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President and CEO -- Carol Coots, BS in Biology, CPC, and CPC-H

Since 1985 Carol has demonstrated a need for medical process improvement, after years of experience as a Coder, Biller, Consultant, Fraud and Abuse Specialist for various local and national companies and local govenment contracting agencies, Carol founded A to Z Medical Audits.

She saw the need for a local company that could make a difference in the medical field while upholding the highest values of honesty and integrity.

A to Z Audits Associates

Norm Coots, Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Shainin Red X Master, ASQ-CQE

Major Accomplishments

Worked with Amy Blum at the National Center for Healthcare Statistics for the addition of fifth digits to lower extremity ulcer ICD-9 diagnosis codes. I supplied a letter documenting the need for the fifth digits, Medicare denials (minus HIPAA privacy information), and multiple medical journal articles substantiating those diabetic patients obtain multiple ulcers in multiple different areas on lower extremities and feet. According to Amy at NCHS that I was the only individual coder able to supply enough documentation to substantiate the need for national ICD-9 code changes, as this usually comes from the major physician societies or the American Medical Association.

Member of several government workgroups including:

Center for Disease Control (CDC) on the need for electronic medical records for the consistent update of medical statistics for the EH7 group

Working with Lippincott, Williams, and Wilkins publishers for creation of a coding textbook

Working with a software engineer to develop several types of medical software including auditing, billing, and electronic medical records for Evaluation and Management services.

As a team player, reduced the outstanding A/R lower than at any time in the history of the medical practice.

Has established ways to have as much as 98% of electronic claims paid within 30 days

Responsible for obtaining fee schedules and negotiating contracts from major insurance companies. She has worked with both insurance representative and has also traveled to Anthem headquarters in Louisville to work with upper management on an Insurance contract fee renegotiations for a Surgery Center.

Developed methodology for obtaining payments from the patients when the insurance would not pay and the patient had not responded to any bill. This has saved thousands of dollars when the companies did not have to give 40-50% of any money collected to a collection agency.

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