Poor Work Atmosphere Cost Businesses

April 5th, 2009 by admin

In a recent study the results are as following:

Work effort was decreased by 48% (less work, less money)

More time off work was taken by employees by 47% using sick leave or vacation time

Quality of work decreased by 38%

Performance at work declined by by 66% (slower and poor performance causes a loss of income)

If a specific bad incident occurs with another employee or supervisor the worry and stress by the incident led to 80% time off work by the employee who felt stress

If an employee or supervisor was only at the location at certain days or times the employee who felt stressed out will cost the employer by avoiding the agressor by 63%, therefore not fully functioning at work.

The biggest cost to an employer working in a poor or stressful atmosphere is 78% of the stressed employees will not longer be committed to the employer or business.

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