Is Your CEO Willing To Have a Cut in Pay?

September 27th, 2009 by admin

Here are the 10 largest (by revenue) U.S. public companies where CEO pay cuts took place:

General Motors (reduced to $1)
Ford Motor (reduced by 30%)
Sears (reduced by $50K)
FedEx (reduced by 20%)
American Express (reduced by 10%)
Motorola (reduced by 25%)
Eaton (reduced by 6 weeks’ worth of pay)
Continental Airlines (reduced to $0 for Q3 and Q4 of 2008)
EMC (reduced by 15%)
Cummins (reduced by 10%)

In this economy, it may require a cut in pay to remain strong or have a business to survive. Are you or is your CEO willing to take a cut in pay?

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How Unique Are You in Business?

September 20th, 2009 by admin

Business is competitive, and no one can win a race by following the leader.  You win by figuring out the most effective way to apply the principles for success to the unique situation in which you operate. Sometimes there is one good move for everyone in the same industry but you can’t all do the same thing in every aspect of the business all the time and have any hope of getting ahead. Where do you stand out in business?
Can you run a business like this?

There is no organization chart
There are no job titles or job descriptions
No bonuses and no perks
No regularly scheduled meetings
No approval levels for capital or expense spending
No goals
No offices or high-walled cubicles
If the peers accept the idea, then “management” is presumed to accept it – hence the need for very little management
If you know what is needed in business and hire the best professionals, can you have a successful business without all of the normal confining constraints found in the typical business world?

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Lean and Compliance

September 5th, 2009 by admin

Quite often the people in the company responsible for these compliance issues are guilty of first degree overkill.  Unless there is some particular concern, the goal of the company should be to comply with the law – period.  While under-documenting and under-training are a mistake, over-documenting and over-training are a waste of precious time and money.  Too often the people responsible for compliance – either out of zealousness to assure the company never has a legal problem, or out of a desire to build a way beyond the letter of the law.  Too often they use ignorance on the part of the rest of management, and a culture of fear of the wrath of the regulatory agencies to preclude oversight.

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