Involving Your Staff in Changes Needed

October 15th, 2010 by admin
  1. If employees are ordered to either act differently or ordered to perform different tasks, they feel like they have little control or power. Let employees make choices about how they will contribute to the new policy or a change.
  2. If your employees are stuck or do not want to change, ask them to suggest ways to remove what is holding them back. It can be a simple solution.
  3. Very few employees like  change.  If employees don’t think the new policy, strategy or idea will succeed it is harder to get your employees to move forward with ideas associated with change. Whenever your team of employees makes positive progress  share it with your other employees as evidence that a new strategy, policy or change works.

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Insurer Had to Pay for Not Processing Claims Correctly

May 27th, 2009 by admin

More than $13 million in settlement disbursements mailed to physicians
Highmark and Capital Blue Cross settlements were mailed to physicians Nov. 2008. The Highmark settlement divided approximately $10 million among the 33,871 physicians that submitted clean claims that were not paid correctly and on time, making the share amount for the settlement $20.27. The Capital settlement divided roughly $3.5 million among the 31,619 physicians that submitted valid claims, making the estimated base share amount $5.32.

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